Veronika L.

Tour Guide at CUNY Kingsborough Community College


Class of 2025

Hometown: Odes'ka Oblast', Ukraine

Major: Fine Arts

What are your plans after graduating from KCC?

I understand that I don't want to stop Associate degree. I’m thinking about transferring to get a bachelor’s degree, but I’m still researching which college and in what direction, because during this year at college my views on many things have changed a lot

I chose to work for CUNY Explorers because...

When I entered college I began helping students from my country explain how apply for college. Then I was able to become part of the workstudy program and I'm working in Admission Information Center. I think that CUNY Explorers is my next step, where my skills and knowledge could be useful and where I can learn something new for myself

Why did you chose to attend Kingsborough Community College?

When I came to USA, my journey in this country began from Kingsborough Community College. I started taking ESL courses and then decided to try myself in college education. I decided to start gradually with a two-year college to understand who do I want to be. There are students in KBCC from almost all over the world and Kingsborough has a reputation as a place welcoming to immigrants, so it turned out.

I'm passionate about...

Painting and Drawing Psychology Makeup Fashion modeling Literature

I'm involved with...

Workstudy Club "The Uniting of Ukrainians"
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